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ChangingMyStars.com SafeList Mailer
"Terms of Service, Rules, & Privacy Policy"

Terms of Service
Privacy Policy

Terms of Service

- By registering for ChangingMyStars.com SafeList Mailer you agree that you have read these terms, understand them, and agree to be bound by them.

- Unless you received prior permission from ChangingMyStars.com SafeList Mailer, you may only register for one ChangingMyStars.com SafeList Mailer account.

- You may not promote ChangingMyStars.com SafeList Mailer in a way that could be considered spamming. You may only promote your referral URL and/or other promotional material in other traffic exchanges or advertising programs that allow it. Promoting ChangingMyStars.com SafeList Mailer in a way that could be considered spamming will result in removal of your ChangingMyStars.com SafeList Mailer account and possible legal action.

- Users are completely responsible for the content they promote using ChangingMyStars.com SafeList Mailer. Users are responsible for ensuring they have the rights to promote a URL, and any content it contains. ChangingMyStars.com SafeList Mailer is not responsible if a user is in violation of another legal agreement, copyright infringement, or any other issues.

- Profile: As a ChangingMyStars.com SafeList Mailer member you must submit a complete, accurate and truthful profile. If we find the information to be fictitious or misleading, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your account. It is your responsibility to keep your account current.

- Age Requirements: You agree that you are of legal working age in the state or country in which you reside. Any falsified information will forfeit all your earnings from contests and all credits earned and pending payouts for cash [if offered/applicable].

- Refunds: The monthly fee for the Paid Monthly Subscriber memberships activates your account from the date of your upgrade to the same day the following month. Because we are a credit based safelist mailer, we do not offer refunds. However, YOU do have the right to cancel your subscription at any time. Because we are a credit based safelist, we do not offer refunds for the purchase of credits received.

- Rights and Duties on Termination: You recognize that as a member of ChangingMyStars.com SafeList Mailer, you must understand that we all have to abide by certain rules and regulations. Violations of these terms will not be tolerated and we can and will terminate your account without warning. We reserve the right to terminate or refuse service at our discretion. ChangingMyStars.com SafeList Mailer may also immediately deactivate or delete your account and all related information and files in your account or the Service. Further, you agree that ChangingMyStars.com SafeList Mailer is not responsible for any dispute you may have. We are not involved in any kind of trade dispute between you and your members/the 3rd party.

- Modifications to service: Any change in service, which includes but is not limited to deferment or cease of service, at any given time, will solely be at the discretion of ChangingMyStars.com SafeList Mailer and is not subject to notification of members. You agree not to hold ChangingMyStars.com SafeList Mailer legally responsible for any delays in service or interruptions to your account that may result in loss of revenue, opportunity, or business.

- Indemnity: You agree to hold harmless ChangingMyStars.com SafeList Mailer and its employees from any claim or demand that has been filed on your behalf by a third party or otherwise. You agree to be solely held accountable for resolving any claims that have developed due to the misuse of our service and/or the violation of our terms of service.

- For the terms of this agreement, MEMBER is defined as one who has signed up for a FREE or PAID membership, constituting membership in ChangingMyStars.com SafeList Mailer.

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Before submitting a URL to ChangingMyStars.com SafeList Mailer, please read these rules very carefully and make sure your URL does not violate any of them. If you violate any of these rules, your site will be deleted along with any credits assigned to them. Your ChangingMyStars.com SafeList Mailer account may also be deleted.

  1. No Multiple Accounts!
  2. No sites with illegal activity.
  3. No frame-breaking sites.
  4. No viruses, trojans, or spyware.
  5. No adult, pornography, or mature content, nor hate or questionable content are allowed.
  6. No Bounce Emails (No Full Mailboxes) - NO Auto-responders! -- immediate removal -- NO REFUND!
  7. No Flaming, Offensive, or Foul Language.
  8. Rotators may be promoted only if all sites or banners in rotation comply with these terms.
  9. ChangingMyStars.com SafeList Mailer has the full right to delete any site that is inappropriate or questionable.
  10. You agree to receive and view email messages from other members to your confirmed (subscribed) e-mail address.
  11. You agree to receive email messages from Admin at your confirmed (subscribed) e-mail address.
  12. Below is a small list of example subjects NOT allowed to be used when posting your ads on this safelist mailer. We feel these are misleading subject lines and titles, similar subjects to the examples below may result in your account being suspended or deleted. However the rules are NOT limited to the list below, misleading subjects of any kind are not allowed.
    * RE: or re:
    * Fwd:
    * PayPal has cancelled your account
    * URGENT
    * Your account has been cancelled / deactivated / terminated
    * From admin
    * Notification of payment received
    * I read your ad / I saw your ad
    * You Earned a Commission
    * Indicate that a message is a Solo Ad when it is not.
  13. No replying to an ad with an ad
  14. No harvesting. If another member includes an email address in one of his/her advertisements that you receive via ChangingMyStars.com SafeList Mailer (whether through the safelist mailer, or through an advertisement on our website), that does NOT give you the right to add that email address to your personal mailing list. This practice is known as harvesting, and is just as unsavory as spam. If the person did not ask to be placed on your list, or did not proactively agree to be placed on your list, then you are spamming if you send an ad to him/her.
  15. NO SPAM POLICY - ChangingMyStars.com SafeList Mailer is against spam - our entire system is designed to give marketers an alternative to spam. DO NOT use spam in an attempt to gain referrals! All spam complaints will be investigated by our staff, and if a spam complaint is found to be valid, your account will be deleted, you will lose all accrued credits and referrals, you will be banned for life from our system. Do NOT do it!
  16. If you cancel your account before commission date, you will NOT receive commission or rewards [if offered/applicable].
  17. You may not hold ChangingMyStars.com SafeList Mailer liable or responsible for any losses incurred due to use of ChangingMyStars.com SafeList Mailer website, services, products, or recommendations.
  18. ChangingMyStars.com SafeList Mailer does not recommend, endorse, or affiliate with advertisements advertised by its members.
  19. Mailing rules, credits, and terms allowed for all membership types may change at any time to maintain the quality of ChangingMyStars.com SafeList Mailer.
  20. Commission structures may change at any time to maintain the quality of ChangingMyStars.com SafeList Mailer.
  21. Breach of any rules may result in account removals, loss of referral commissions, and/or contest rewards. NO REFUNDS FOR VIOLATION OF ANY OF THESE TERMS!
  22. Changing Upline - Deleting your account only to re-join again in an effort to change your sponsor/referrer/upline is not allowed. Asking members to delete their account and re-join under you is not allowed.
  23. ChangingMyStars.com SafeList Mailer does not allow certain types of programs to be advertised here. This list includes, but is not limited to:
    * Investment Surfs
    * High Yield Investment Programs
    * Pyramid Schemes
    * Ponzi Schemes
    * Gifting Programs
    * Money Laundering Schemes
    * Matrix
    * Any site promoted primarily as an “instant money-making system” rather than providing real products, services, or information (This includes, but is not limited to sites such as ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, randomizers, matrix, etc)
    * Any program ChangingMyStars.com SafeList Mailer considers inappropriate
  24. No PTP (paid to post) sites.
  25. In order to enforce the rules of ChangingMyStars.com SafeList Mailer, all websites and advertisements must be in the English language.
  26. Commissions [if offered/applicable] are paid monthly. If you enter incorrect payment details and your commissions payment is returned to ChangingMyStars.com SafeList Mailer, ChangingMyStars.com SafeList Mailer may remove said commissions from your account at our discretion.
  27. ChangingMyStars.com SafeList Mailer credits may not be sold or re-sold without prior consent from ChangingMyStars.com SafeList Mailer. Your account may be not be sold.
  28. We reserve the right to change or add to our rules at anytime.
  29. NO bots or any type of cheating is allowed. Similarly, we do NOT allow any sites that encourage cheating other programs.
  30. Violation of any of the rules above may result in your account being suspended or removed.
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Privacy Policy

- ChangingMyStars.com SafeList Mailer will not share, sell, or give away any information regarding their members including but not limited to their name, email address, and other confidential information provided. If you choose to provide us with personal contact information, you consent to the transfer and storage of that information on our servers.

- ChangingMyStars.com SafeList Mailer reserves the right to use member email addresses for the purpose of periodically sending out information relevant to any and all aspects of ChangingMyStars.com SafeList Mailer membership.

- ChangingMyStars.com SafeList Mailer may require the use of cookies to store login session information. Within ChangingMyStars.com SafeList Mailer, cookies are used to provide you with the best level of service through tracking, as well as, remembering you when you return to ChangingMyStars.com SafeList Mailer. These cookies cannot harm your computer and they do not contain any personal or private information.

- ChangingMyStars.com SafeList Mailer merely serves as a directory of other websites and not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such websites even if you access them using links from ChangingMyStars.com SafeList Mailer. Your use of these third party websites is entirely at your own risk and we recommend that you check the privacy and security policy of each site you visit. When you click on a third party link, you are essentially taken to a third party website. We make no representation or warranty as to the effectiveness, quality, legitimacy or data protections of any third party website.

- Financial information is used solely to bill the user for products and/or services. All personal, credit card, and bank account information is transferred by separate institution (i.e. PayPal.com) over Secure Sockets Layer, (SSL), encrypted Internet connections and is not stored on ChangingMyStars.com SafeList Mailer servers.

- ChangingMyStars.com SafeList Mailer reserves the right to investigate using any and all means necessary, should there be reason to believe unauthorized transactions are processed in your name. We will then take every precaution possible to protect our members from identify theft both here at ChangingMyStars.com SafeList Mailer and elsewhere.

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